The Perfect Opportunity to Buy a Motorcycle: Is it time to buy your Harley?


There are many individuals who are getting a hard time in deciding when to buy a motorcycle. Hence, this article aims to provide some answers about it. The main purpose of this article is to introduce some ways on when is the perfect time to buy a Harley and Is it time to buy your Harley?

When Should I Buy a Motorcycle?

Based on some research and surveys, the month that is most suitable for buying a motorcycle is the month of February. This is usually about the structure of the sales commission of every company. Normally, motorcycle salesman would be basing their performance on their minimum quota.

This ‘quota’or fixed limit must be met before the month ends or they would usually pay some consequences. Since the days in the month of February is shorter compared to other months, the salesmen would usually be more willing to cut a deal just to meet their quota. As a customer, this is a perfect time that you should take because the salesmen are very willing to hear your demands. This would also mean that you can be able to start a deal with eight percent discount right off the batch, on the average. Of course, if the end of the month is already approaching and the salesman is still nowhere his or her quota, you can take this advantage to demand a higher discount.

As a customer and client, you should be knowledgeable in these kinds of things. Being knowledgeable would mean that you can be able to do things efficiently, as well as you can be able to prevent from getting hoaxed.

Other events that you should consider in buying a motorcycle would include:

  • During winter
  • No windfall yet
  • After the holidays

Other people would consider buying a motorcycle for a cheaper price during winter. During this season, the customer is very rare, so you can be able to put some deal very easily.



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