Are Vape Juices Toxic If Ingested?

Are Vape Juices Toxic If Ingested?

Vape juices are being sold locally in markets and even on online stores because a lot of people are using them nowadays as a replacement for cigarette and even a transitional stage for quitting to smoke since it has lesser nicotine, but you can still cope up with the oral fixation through hitting the fumes from the liquid juices.Though, because of the ingredients of the mentioned liquid, some are being hesitant whether it is safe to be ingested or not. To tell you the truth, it is not meant to be drank, but you can always have a taste of a drop or two.

Here are the reasons why it is still healthy and unhealthy if drank too much.

Reasons Not To Drink

The vaporsoul Juice• It needs to be heated on the device – just like how engines need gasoline to make it work, the vape also has the same process . The energy from the batteries will heat the rod and slowly boil the juice to make fumes that you will inhale through your mouth. Though juices are not as toxic as gasoline, just imagine if the juice is infused with CBD. We all know what the possible side effect of could be abusing that substance.

• There is a reason why they came in small bottles only – when you try to buy one, you would notice that they don’t come in liters or even a water bottle but a small glass canister with a dropper. That is because first, you only need a small amount for your device, and yes, they can be a bit expensive, so you need to save it up properly.

• Chemicals included – some of the juices have ingredients with artificial flavors, which are not good when ingested in large amount. Better to have them use just as a fuel for your device.

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